How to properly button suit jackets & blazers may appear to be a simple task, however, there is a correct way to do it that can have a significant impact on your overall appearance and the fit of the garment. Let’s go deeper into the nuances of buttoning various types of jackets to ensure you always look sharp and elegant.

Understanding Suit Buttoning Basics

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s grasp the fundamental rules of suit buttoning:

Why Suit Buttoning Matters?

Suit buttoning isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about achieving the optimal fit and silhouette. Properly buttoned jackets enhance your posture and create a polished look, while incorrect buttoning can lead to a sloppy appearance.

When and How to Button a Suit?

Whether you’re wearing a casual one-button blazer jacket or a men’s slim-fit casual one-button blazer jacket, the principles remain the same.

Buttoning Single-Breasted Suit Jackets

Blazers and single-breasted suit jackets are the most prevalent varieties of jackets worn with suits. Typically, they have two or three buttons down the front, with the bottom button always undone. Here’s how to fasten a single-breasted blazer or suit jacket:

1.   Two-Button Suit Jacket or Blazer

Only the top button on a two-button suit jacket or blazer should be secured. In a standing position, the suit should drape across the chest without gaping or pulling. If the jacket is pulling or gaping on you, it may be too small or too tight. In contrast, the garment may be too large if there is excess fabric around the waist. In either case, it is preferable to have the jacket properly tailored to suit you.

2.   Three-Button Suit Jacket or Blazer

The top button should always be secured on a three-button suit jacket or blazer, while the middle button may be fastened if desired. The bottom button should always be left unfastened. If the jacket is pulling, it may be too small or too tight. In contrast, the jacket may be too large if there is excess fabric around the waist.

Buttoning Double-Breasted Suit Jackets and Blazers

On the front of double-breasted suit jackets and blazers, there are two parallel rows of buttons with varying numbers per row. Typically, the lower row of buttons is ornamental, while the top row is functional. Here’s how to fasten a double-breasted suit jacket or blazer properly:

1.   Six-Button Suit Jacket or Blazer

For a six-button double-breasted suit jacket or blazer, the middle button should always be fastened first, followed by the top button, with the lower four buttons left unfastened. In a standing position, it should not be gaping or making you feel uncomfortable with the fit.

2.   Four-Button Suit Jacket or Blazer

You have the option of fastening either the top two buttons or the lower two buttons on a four-button double-breasted suit jacket or blazer. Nevertheless, it is generally advised to fasten the bottom two buttons, as doing so will produce a more streamlined appearance.

Tips for Properly Buttoning a Blazer or Suit Jacket

Now that you know how to button a suit jacket the right way, here are some additional considerations to bear in mind:

  • Never button the bottom button on a suit or blazer garment! This is a frequent mistake that can cause the jacket to drag and distort the overall appearance of the garment.
  • Always undo the buttons on your suit jacket or blazer when seated. This will prevent the jacket from stretching or distorting.
  • Ensure that the jacket or blazer of your suit fits appropriately. A jacket that fits properly will drape across your chest and midriff without pulling or gaping. If your jacket is pulling or gaping, it may be too small or too large for you, and you should have it appropriately tailored.
  • If you are wearing a vest or waistcoat underneath your suit jacket or blazer, do not fasten it. This will expose the vest and add visual interest to your ensemble.

Bottom Line

Here you have it, tips, and ways on how to properly button your suit jackets and blazers. Remember to err on the side of leaving your outerwear unbuttoned when in doubt. However, a jacket that is buttoned improperly can appear sloppy. Now, go ahead and button up with confidence, knowing you’ve got the knowledge to look your best in any situation.