Are you confused regarding buying and renting? We hear this question many times. We understand your feeling that you’re stuck and not making a decision because you’re confused. Everyone has different opinions about why renting a suit or tuxedo for prom is best vs buying oneIn this guide, we’ll consider all the possible aspects to clarify your confusion related to renting and purchasing. Let’s explore:

Key Guide of Why Renting a Suit or Tuxedo for Prom is Best Vs Buying

Prom Suit Renting

“Prom” is a final send-off dance party that is usually held at the end of graduation. When students complete their education, every school organizes a prom to celebrate graduation. In my perspective, everyone wants to style themselves to look good and different from others. A woman has a lot of options to style and customize her dresses for prom. On the other hand, men have limited formal options to wear, like suits and tuxedos. 

Most people prefer wearing suits on prom and a few of them choose tuxedos to enhance their personalities. If you’ve got no time and not enough money to purchase a tuxedo, then pay rent for it, and you’re good to go. It saves you time and effort to customize it. Designing its cut and making it stylish took time. On short notice, choose to rent and have your prom. This is why it’s best to rent a suit or tuxedo instead of purchasing one.

Rent or Buy a Prom Suit

Renting and buying both options work. But buying and renting techniques are useful based on different conditions. However, it’s a contradiction of 50% relativity. Purchasing is not bad at all but renting can be much better in this progressive world. There are numerous reasons why renting a prom suit is better than buying. Let’s discuss all the reasons:

1-Cost Effective

If you do not have enough money to purchase one, rent your suit or tuxedo for prom. Purchasing a tuxedo costs $750-$950 but its rent is around $150-$250. Sometimes, you do not have enough money to buy it. So, it’s the most common reason that it’s effective and budget-friendly to rent your tuxedo for prom. 

You can pay three times the rent instead of buying one tuxedo. It looks boring to try one costume repeatedly. While you pay rent, you can try three different tuxedo cuts on your prom. It’s beneficial as compared to purchasing.

2-Trendy Design

Prom suit rental also allows you to wear trendy designs to look handsome and catchy. People who offer to rent customize their styles according to people’s needs. They can grab more people’s attention with their suits. If renting a suit for prom is old-modish and chic, then there’s a possibility that fewer people will pay rent. So, you can choose a more customized and unique turnout for yourself. 

3-Value Over Time

It seems off when you repeat your outfit. You can’t wear the same tuxedo that you purchased last year. You must change your wardrobe from time to time. Moreover, renting is pretty much better than investing again and again in your attire. Change your wardrobe and wear up-to-the-minute togs with elegant cuts. 

4-Fitted Well

Sometimes, few people eat healthy food for weight loss and suddenly they change their weight and lose size in inches. This reason may trigger your costume or outfit. You may not change its fitness or size. In this case, you must pay rent rather than buy. There’s an opportunity to customize the size as compared to that particular dress that you have bought before. This results in a waste of money.

Why Renting a Suit or Tuxedo for Prom is Best Vs Buying

5-Good Stuff 

Most of the time, people buy expensive dresses from local brands because of a lack of knowledge. For example, they use it once and wash it. At that time, you realize that the color and quality are simply useless. It means that you missed your budget and can’t wear that dress at your next prom. So, it’s better to take a risk and go for rented outfits. 

Why It Best to Rent a Suit or Tuxedo Instead of Purchasing

Why renting a prom suit is better than buying one? If you are not interested in spending time and money on formal attire, then look for an adaptable tuxedo rental option. Always pay rent when you think this prom party has no theme, like a suit or shirt and you’ve got to go with a formal tuxedo. It’s the best option for a prom where a tuxedo is expected. Don’t wear inappropriate and unsuitable outfits for prom.

Let your wardrobes be aside, seek good-quality and unique-cut tuxedo attire brands, pay rent, and enjoy your prom dance with an easy-to-wear outfit. Make your prom remarkable and memorable for the rest of your life. It’s no hassle to wash it properly. You may return it without washing and drying. It’s quite simple. Let’s dive into the other factors:

Buying is just an investment for yourself. Amazingly, you prioritize yourself, but there are so many other things like matching accessories, ties, quality of the attire, stuff, belt, shirt, shoes, the color of the outfit, color combination with jacket, stitching, and also customization. All the given reasons do matter and of course, you have patience, time, and enough money to pay. Moreover, the design, style, or cut must be considerable with the latest fashion and trend. 

When Does Renting Make Sense?

You need your tux once or twice a year. So, why are you purchasing it? It doesn’t make sense. Stop purchasing tuxedos or formal suits. You don’t need to make your closet crowded. Pay rent for your formal attires as you dive hardly twice or thrice in parties.

The less you wear and more you pay. You may get wedding attire, party wear, and formal outfits on rent. Grab slim performance stretched tuxedos and visually appealing suits for your short day occasions. To look bold within a short interval of time, renting is the way to go.

Additionally, the tie color, pocket squares, and other accessories don’t match properly and you’re sick of it. The true advice will be, to hand over this headache to us. We’ll sort it out in our way to make your moments special.

Renting or Buying a Tuxedo?

Are you deciding if should i rent or buy a tuxedo? This depends on your budget, your requirements for styling, and how many times you anticipate needing a tuxedo further in the future. Renting a tuxedo option is money money-saving and adaptable procedure. The rental tuxedos formal typically include a jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and sometimes shoes.  It is an appreciable effort for comfort and to make it an entire look. Most of the brands also offer you accessories.

However, rented tuxedos can also fit perfectly. You can try it before paying rent. You might have unlimited options in terms of style, colors, and quality. Consider your budget, your future needs, and how many times you probably have to attend ceremonies. Keep all things in your mind and then, choose what decision is giving positive vibes to your requirements. So, decide wisely about rent or buy a prom suit.

How Does Tuxedo Rental Work?

With these thorough instructions, renting a tuxedo can be a stress-free experience:

Rent or buy a prom suit

1. Select a Store Nearby:

Start by looking into local markets that rent out tuxedos. Visit each store or get in touch with them to talk about the brands and styles that appeal to you. Be careful to find out what services each store offers to assess each one’s eligibility and dependability.

2. Choose Your Tuxedo Style:

Take into account the event’s formality as well as the clothes your date is wearing. Always select a tuxedo style that fits both your preferences and the occasion. You can also talk with the store personnel for suggestions. Select a color and style that go with the mood of the occasion, whether it’s a traditional black-tie affair or something more exciting like dating.

3. Measure Yourself for the Ideal Fit:

Make an appointment for a fitting at the preferred retailer to receive precise measurements for your tuxedo. A properly fitted tuxedo guarantees comfort during the event and improves your image. To get an attractive style, pay attention to details such as jacket fit, pant hemming, and sleeve length.

4. Make Your Purchase:

Check your size and style first. Confirm your measurements for your tuxedo and then place your order. There’s a requirement to pay one-fourth amount of rent while you place your order online. Always double-check your order before completing it. As, it must include the color, style, and any extra accessories of your tuxedo. It’s the difference between renting vs buying suit or tuxedo. Without struggles of finding, you’ll get all.

suit or tuxedo

5. Get Your Tuxedo:

Feedback is the most important thing you can give to the brand. If the tuxedo fulfills your requirements, then say thanks to them with a positive response. Mostly, the tuxedo is delivered in a garment bag to make it secure and provide a shield from creases. Let it hang in a secure location for the night to protect it from damage. To prevent misplacement, keep accessories like cufflinks and shoes in a safe place.

6. After the Event, Return Your Tuxedo:

Try to deliver it back as soon as possible after the event to your rental tuxedo at the retailer. Check that every item—accessories included—is whole and unharmed. As evidence of your rental, save your receipt from the first rental transaction. To prevent paying extra fees or charges for late returns, please return everything before the deadline.

This is how you can place an order in just a few simple steps that are mentioned above. This guide is for rental work only. If you don’t want to rent it from stores, then you can easily avail it from online stores like mysuitcity.

How Many Events a Year Do I Need a Tuxedo?

Firstly, the most important question is how many years do you need a tuxedo? If you’re thinking of wearing a tuxedo for continuously five years then, you’re not going correct. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear that particular dress but just one tuxedo is not enough for entire occasions. In five years, you may have to attend a few simple and casual parties then, your same old tuxedo will not be the right option to wear. If you still want to have a tuxedo then, purchase 3-4 tuxedos with different colors. Kindly ensure to customize the latest trends that could not be old as far.

What Is the Price Difference to Buy or Rent?

In this query, everyone wants to know the prices of renting vs buying a suit or tuxedo. We’re going to discuss the average range of prices here. Buying a tuxedo from luxury and high-quality brands costs almost $750-$900. This is super-duper expensive. On the other hand, renting is budget-friendly. It costs around about $150-$250. It also includes tie, pocket squares, and accessories. If you want to order shoes also on rent then, your total maximum cost of renting will be $300. If you buy it, you must spend a handsome amount of $1000 for the entire dress including shoes. 

Is the Tuxedo Color and Style I am Considering Purchasing Timeless?

We strongly advise getting a more classic tuxedo if you decide to get one. Any color works well, but black or dark gray tuxedos are also terrific choices. Often, the deep gray tones are so intense that they appear to be black. Even though blue isn’t as trendy as it is now, it’s still a good option for a tuxedo.

Mostly people try black attire at their weddings. It’s not compulsory to have it. A wide of colors are easily accessible like vibrant navy blue, beige color, dark blue, etc. Select the bright color on your special day or prom. Avoid dull and warm colors during day functions.

Trendy Styles Discussion

Renting or buying tuxedo styling means cut detailing. More people love to wear deep-cut formals and few want simple cuts. You can add color combinations according to what your heart asks for. As, black and white, maroon and white, and blue and white are liked most by people. You can create a new and unique color combination that makes your personality more graceful and bright. Little detailing like stitching and matching is meaningful.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Tuxedo?

Selecting the rental of a tuxedo has many advantages. The main benefit is that it eliminates the entire cost of buying the tuxedo upfront. The guarantee of an ideal fit is an additional benefit since every rental is made to your exact specifications. Additionally, renting a tuxedo removes the worry of cleaning and paying the cost of drying it. This also saves your time.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Tuxedo?

The main advantage of having your tuxedo is that you may keep it as a valuable outfit that you can share with your friends, kids, and loved ones. As there are no supplementary leasing fees, this results in long-term savings. The guarantee of a perfect fit without having to pay extra for customization is another big benefit.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks for prom suit renting. Always check the essential tips before renting. Check the below techniques to explore more knowledge about renting:

  • While selecting the color of your costume, choose dark and bold colors. In light colors, your stains look more visible and clear.
  • If you want to buy a new tuxedo in your budget then, purchase your simple shirt and tie from local markets. This will help you to save your extra money.
  • Most brands offer a tuxedo package including shoes. Try to shop from reputable and well-known brands. Otherwise, choose your shoes from another trusty brand. 
  • Most of the brands sell tuxedos very expensive as they purchase from local bulks and earn with good margins. The key to their purchases is the high-quality packaging. So, you can also purchase from bulk or other local markets instead of paying so much for nice packaging. 
  • Don’t wear tight shirts for fashion. It can make you feel uncomfortable after a while. Wear lightweight and loose shirts to be in your comfort zone. 

Pros and Cons

Some pros and cons can make a clear difference in why renting a suit or tuxedo for prom is best vs buying. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:


1. Cost-effective: Renting a tuxedo is sometimes less expensive than purchasing one. It is specially designed for formal functions. You can’t carry it on normal days.

2. Large Selection: Rental stores usually have a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, so students may choose a tuxedo that fits well and matches their heart desires.

3. Convenience: Renting a tuxedo is a hassle-free alternative because it removes the need to worry about keeping the outfit after prom night.

4. Options for Accessorizing: Rental packages frequently include cufflinks, cummerbunds, and ties. It gives the students everything they need for a unique look.


1. Limited Customization: While rental shops offer a range of options students may not find exactly what they’re looking for in terms of style or fit, especially if they have specific preferences.

2. Sizing Issues: Tuxedo rentals are based on standard sizes, which may not always perfectly match a student’s measurements, potentially resulting in an ill-fitting garment.

3. Wear and Tear: Rental tuxedos have likely been worn multiple times before, so there’s a chance they may show signs of wear or damage and maybe stains that can spoil the overall look.

4. Return Deadlines: Students must adhere to a strict return of their rented tuxedos before deadlines. This leads to inconvenience and pressure to return it on time.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we’ve explained with an easy-to-follow guide why renting a suit or tuxedo for prom is best vs buying. Now, you can decide that renting is the simple and convenient way to unlock your prom journey. Renting and buying both have pros and cons but in my opinion, renting is much better than purchasing. Go and grab your favorite formal attire today and celebrate your prom. Hopefully, this guide helps you a lot to sort out your problem. Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are rental formals easy to wear?

Yes! You can try it first when you go to select the design. Final it, as in, you’re perfectly fit.

What’s the best option for renting and buying?

It depends on the circumstances, but my perspective is to choose rental attire.

Is there customization available when renting?

Of course! There can be many options but fewer in comparison to purchasing. 

If I have two functions to attend, then what should I pay for?

You should pay for renting and if you’ve 4-5 celebrations then go for buying.