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In 1974, Jack Black opened  Suit City on Louisville road in the Hawkeegan Shopping Area.  Specializing in men’s clothing and specifically clothing for the gentlemen and business oriented man.  Early on Mr. Black would drive to St. Louis on the weekends to pick up new suits, blazers, and sport coats.

In 1980, Frankfort started growing out the 127 Corridor and Mr. Black decided to build and move Suit City to 1134 127S where it has been ever since.  Early on there wasn’t much commercial property developed but later became the main corridor into Frankfort.

In 2020, Mr. Black decided it was time for retirement and put Suit City up for sell.  As the COVID outbreak started it made it even harder to stay open or sale in that environment during that time.

In September of 2022,  Shane and Amber Moreland purchased Suit City with the intent of building on what Mr. Black created. They hope to build a new legacy. Keeping the 50 year old landmark in place while creating new processes and modernizing operations.

In 2023,  Devonte O’dell was named Assistant Manager and will help lead Suit City into the future. While we have doubled our tuxedo, suit, and shoe rental options we will be bringing in Made to Measure suiting option along with bringing back some of the brands from past and updating inventory.


Can’t say enough about the staff in their helpfulness in getting me a suit that fits me properly. Although it may look small they have a great selection of various sizes and outfits.

Tracy Burgess

Went here on a friend’s recommendation, and it will be my first stop from now on. Great inventory, fair prices, and beyond friendly and helpful. Great store

Brad Mann

A very special caring store. The employees are outstanding. They are there to please. Better check them out before going anywhere else.

Marsha Wiechman

Blog updates

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Three Piece Suit – Top 3 Advantages!

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