When it comes to formal attire, a suit is an enduring option that emanates elegance and sophistication. However, the shoes you pair with the suit can make or ruin the entire ensemble. What color shoes to wear with your suit can be a difficult process to go through, particularly if you are unsure of which color complements which.

In this men’s suit shoe guide, I will guide you through the fundamentals of what color shoes to wear with your suits so that you can make an informed decision when dressing for your next formal engagement.

Best Shoe Color for Suits

These are some of the best shoes to wear with every suit color.

Black Suit

A black suit is the quintessence of formal attire, so it is essential to select shoes that complement its formality. The safest and most formal option for formal suit shoe colors is black patent leather dress shoes.

These polished sandals are ideal for black-tie events and weddings. If you are attending a less formal event, brown dress shoes are acceptable as long as they are a dark hue of brown and not too casual. You may also choose a pair of black monk strap shoes, which are a fashionable and contemporary alternative to conventional dress shoes.

Navy Suit

A navy suit is a timeless option suitable for a variety of occasions. There are several footwear alternatives available. Black dress shoes are a secure choice for a formal occasion. If you’re looking for something more casual, brown dress shoes or even loafers can work well. You can also try coupling your navy suit with suede shoes to add texture and dimension to your ensemble.

Gray Suit

Black dress shoes are the optimal option for formal occasions. If you are attending a less formal event or are going for a more casual appearance, brown dress shoes or loafers can also work well. Suits in lighter shades of gray pair well with lighter shades of brown, while suits in darker shades of gray pair well with darker shades of brown. You can also combine burgundy shoes with a gray suit to add a splash of color and visual interest.

Charcoal-colored Suit

A charcoal suit is ideal for formal occasions and business meetings. Black dress shoes are the best shoes for a charcoal suit because they create a classic and refined appearance. If you are attending a less formal event, you can experiment with various brown tones.

Lighter shades of brown can lend a touch of informality to your ensemble, whereas darker shades can still maintain a formal appearance. Try a pair of oxblood or burgundy shoes for a unique and contemporary take on the traditional black shoe.

Brown Suit

Depending on the occasion, a brown suit can be dressed up or down. Black dress shoes are not recommended for a formal occasion because they can contrast with the warm tones of a brown suit. Choose brown dress shoes in a shade that complements your suit instead. Lighter brown shades, such as tan or cognac, couple well with lighter brown suits, whereas darker brown shades, such as chocolate or espresso, pair well with darker brown suits.

Stylish Shoe Alternatives and Casual Options

Beyond the classic dress shoe options, there are several stylish shoe alternatives for suits and casual shoes that can complement your suit ensemble:

Leather Shoes for Suits

Opt for high-quality leather shoes that exude elegance and durability, enhancing the sophistication of your attire.

Brown and Burgundy Shoes

Experiment with different shades of brown and burgundy to add depth and character to your ensemble, showcasing your style.

Dress Shoes for Different Suit Colors

Tailor your shoe selection to match the color and tone of your suit, ensuring a cohesive and polished appearance.

Casual Shoes for Suits

Loafers, suede shoes, and even stylish sneakers can offer a more relaxed and contemporary approach to suit styling, perfect for less formal occasions or creative workplaces.

Bottom Line

By following these guidelines and considering the nuances of suit color and shoe selection, you can effortlessly elevate your formal attire, exuding confidence and sophistication at every event.